7 Things to Clean After the Holidays

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After all of the craziness of the holidays, it’s actually nice to spend some time puttering around the house and getting things back in order. I’ve been slowly working my way around the house, putting away decorations, and working on all of the post-holiday cleaning.  I find it hard just to keep up with the basic cleaning tasks {like the dishes and the toilets!} during December, so I’m trying to get caught up on all of those other areas that I’ve missed or haven’t had time for.

If you’re working on some post-holiday cleaning {or just need to get caught up on a few things!}, here are 7 items that you don’t want to forget to clean…


It’s amazing how much food we were actually able to pack into the fridge over the holidays! I usually try to keep my fridge fairly organized, but we had so much stuff that we really jut had to shove it in wherever it would fit.  Now that January is here, it’s time to go through everything and make sure that nothing is tucked away in the back that you’re missing.


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