Alexa, Get me a Mortgage

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Voice assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, are finding more uses in real estate, and not just for calling up homes for sale but also for easing the transfer of money. Some property managers are already experimenting with allowing their tenants to tell Amazon’s voice assistant, “Alexa, pay my rent.”

A new deal between Zego and S2 Capital is linking smart-home devices in some 30,000 apartments over the next three years. “We have built a team of seasoned real estate professionals and technology visionaries to deliver a solution that is setting the standard for the next generation resident app,” Zego CEO Adam Blake told HousingWire.

NTT Data Services also has implemented an Amazon Alexa skill that is catering to mortgage companies. It allows loan officers to use voice commands to look up and check the status of loans. Megan Geyer, NTT data services director of customer experience for financial services, says they believe there are two main types of skills that can be used with Alexa: informational—where Alexa looks up and gives the user specific information—and transactional—where the user can ask Alexa to perform an action (like Zego and S2 Capital’s rent payment example).


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