Pruning Your Trees Can Save You Cash—Here’s How

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Gorgeous, leafy trees can help you fall in love with a house, but the sticker shock of caring for those beauties may test your affection.

Professionally pruning trees is often an expensive component of home maintenance. HomeAdvisor finds the average cost to prune a tree ranges from $75 to $1,000.

Pruning trees is a necessary expense that will help beautify your yard. But did you know tree trimming can also lead to financial benefits? Taking steps like selectively thinning branches, removing deadwood, and raising the upper part of a tree (known as the canopy) can pay off big-time.

Let’s take a closer look at why pruning your trees makes good financial sense.

It helps property values

Giving your trees a routine trimming will make the branches healthier and the roots stronger. They’ll be more structurally sound and tend to grow bigger and last longer, says Paul Johnson, program leader for the Urban and Community Forestry Program with the Texas A&M Forest Service.


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