What’s the Weirdest Thing You’ve Cleaned at Home While Self-Quarantining?

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Whether we’re officially sheltering in place or just sensibly staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, the inside of our homes is suddenly getting a lot of scrutiny.

For some of us, this started out as a nice little reprieve from things like a daily commute or being away from our pets during the day. But self-quarantine got old real quick. Stir-crazy is a real thing—and it’s rough.

So now, we’re all thinking of creative ways to keep occupied. For many of us, that means finally crossing items off our “someday” to-do list. You know, those things you’ll do “someday,” when you have time?

Suddenly, those of us who can’t telecommute have all the time in the world. That also means lots of us have really clean houses—even though no one can come over and see them.

And the cleanest of houses undoubtedly belong to those whose homes are always in tiptop shape: professional cleaners, organizers, and designers.
That’s why we asked them to share the weirdest, most particular things they’ve cleaned since being stuck at home. Here’s what they had to say.

Bathroom vanity drawers

All that spare time can lead you to clean things you’ve never even considered before.

“I’ve been focused on our bathroom vanity drawers. Totally random and rarely done,” says Andrea Walker, certified professional organizer and the owner of Smartly Organized.

“Even with drawer organizers, they get super gross over time, with toothpaste, hairbrushes, makeup, and other products.”

To get her drawers spick-and-span, she empties them out and scrubs them down with a sponge and cleaner. She also soaks the drawer organizers in hot water and scrubs them.

“I even clean the items in the drawer, like the toothbrush, toothpaste, and other items!” Walker says.

Disinfecting wipes canister

Kathy Turley, director of marketing at Home Clean Heroes, has picked up a weird quarantine cleaning habit we can all sympathize with.

“More times than I can count, I’ve cleaned my canister of disinfecting wipes with disinfecting wipes,” she says.

These days, there’s really no such thing as too much disinfectant.

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